Coffee 101 - Cyclismo's Top 3

Have you ever walked into your local coffee shop a little unsure of what to order? Or what the heck is a flat white? We love our coffee, day or night, as do our customers. Coffee and Espresso are a deeply personal choice, often spontaneous or simply an immediate necessity - especially if you have a little one in tow or are running to catch your train. We’ve got you covered! 

So the CYCLISMO Team thought you’d love a simple breakdown of the three most popular drinks on our menu...

The LatteCappuccino and Flat White

The Latte is a classic example of really good espresso married with perfectly streamed milk that should yield a creamy crown of foam. Not too little or too much but just right. 

The Cappuccino is a bit heftier in strength as there is just enough milk to take the edge off. Again, good espresso topped with a light stream of creamy milk and finished with a cloud soft and decadent crown of micro-foam. 

The Flat White is no doubt the drink that inspires the most questions. We like to keep things traditional. A flat white is just as creamy as a latte but served in smaller 8oz. offering as opposed to a 12oz. traditional latte. Trust us. The espresso to milk ratio is perfection. The milk is steamed in just a way that keeps all of those naturally occurring sugars intact. And of course finished with the thinnest cap of foam giving it’s silky surface a ‘flat’ finish.

One place that should never intimidate is the menu at a coffee house, so we’ve hope this has cleared a bit of the coffee cloud confusion up. And if milk and espresso is simply not enough, we craft some truly delectable house-made syrups. So if you’re feeling a little poetic, we’re happy to keep those vibes going with the addition of our Lavender syrup. Or maybe you just want to go there and go full on decadent, our caramel syrup is made in small batches and fills the cafe with the most intoxicating aroma when it’s made. So what’s your favorite drink?